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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indoor Air Quality?

Characteristics of the indoor climate of a building, including the gaseous composition, temperature, relative humidity, and airborne contaminant levels.


What is an "Air Curtain"?

An invisible barrier of positive or negative air pressure that controls the flow of indoor air pollutants.  The F116 Commercial Air Cleaner with separate ductwork can help isolate airborne particles and odors so they can be captured, and may even be used to create an "air curtain".

What are Electronic Air Cleaning Cells?

As dirty air particles race through the air cleaner, they first encounter high voltage (over 8,000 volts!) ionizing wires.  Here, an intense voltage gradient accelerates free electrons towards the wires, which knock even more electrons out of the surrounding air molecules, creating vast numbers of positive ions.  These positive ions bombard airborne particles in the airstream and become attached to the particles as "hitchhikers."  As the now-charged particles pass between our tightly spaced, charged collector plates they are irresistibly attracted to the oppositely charged plate.  The whole process takes about 0.02 seconds and is at minimum 94% efficient.


What is CPZ™ Sorbent Media?

Honeywell Commercial Air Products CPZ™ Sorbent Media is a specially formulated blend of Carbon, Permanganate, and Zeolite for maximum efficiency at reducing a broad range of gases-odors-VOCs.  It's an excellent way to reduce odor problems that are part of doing business.


What filter options are available from Honeywell Commercial Air Products?

Modularity allows you to customize an air cleaning solution.  To capture particles choose from 65% and 95% ASHRAE-grade filters, 95% efficient hospital-grade filters, 99.97% efficient HEPA filters, or up to 95% efficient electronic air cleaner cells.


What are VOCs?

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are gases created by the use of chemical solvents and other compounds used in enclosed spaces.  Often associated with unpleasant odors.


What is the difference between HEPA filters and 95% Efficient Hospital-Grade Filters?

HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter are manufactured to be 99.97% efficient at capturing 0.3-micron particles.  95% Efficient Hospital-Grade Media Filters are manufactured to be 95% efficient at capturing 0.3-micron particles.  These filters are primarily used with CPZ™ sorbent media.


What is a Micron or Micrometer?

A unit of measurement equal to one-millionth of a meter, or about 0.00003937 inches.  (By comparison, a human hair is 100 microns in diameter).

What is Coanda Airflow?

Coanda airflow continuously filters the air.  Filtered air exits the unit at high velocity, at ceiling height.  The high velocity air currents help push unfiltered air toward the intake vents of the air cleaner, where the process repeats itself.  Coincidentally, it also tends to reduce cycling of the HVAC system by re-circulating heated or cooled air.

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