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Energy Savings

Cost-Justifying Honeywell Commercial Air Cleaning Products



HVAC Cost Savings

  • By sizing and applying the proper air cleaners for the job, you may be able to reduce your outside air dampers to as much as 5 CFM per person. ASHRAE 62-99 allows you to do this if you address both particulate and gas/odor/voc contaminants. Lower power and energy bills - heating 0 degree outside air and cooling 98 degree outside air requires much more energy than heating re-circulated 68 degree air and cooling re-circulated 82-degree air.

  • Improve the efficiency of the HVAC system through the air cleaner's improved re-circulation of hot and cold air, increasing ventilation effectiveness and reducing energy consumption. This evenly distributes the HVAC treated air which reduces the amount of time the the HVAC system is in use.

    • There is potential to extend the life of your HVAC system because the HVAC is not cycling as often

    • Less operating time means that there is less stress on the system which reduces the repair rate and repair costs of the HVAC system.

    • When air cleaners run independent of the HVAC they pickup the particulates that would otherwise be captured by the HVAC system filters; meaning you can change your HVAC filters less frequently.

Increase Revenue and Profits by providing a cleaner, more comfortable environment

  • Because the environment is more comfortable, customers can potentially prolong their stay. As a result this could impact revenue from more sales coming from customers who stay longer.

  • New customers may be attracted if the business advertises their new indoor air quality improvements.

  • Helps increase employee productivity by providing a more comfortable work environment.

  • Could improve relations between owners and employees who work many hours in their businesses. Employees who are more sensitive to poor indoor air quality will feel better knowing that the owners are willing to make and investment for them to improve their environment.

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