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Cost Justifying Honeywell Commercial Air Products

1.       HVAC Cost Savings

o        By sizing and applying the proper air cleaners for the job, you may be able to reduce your outside air dampers to as much as 5 CFM per person. ASHRAE 62-99 allows you to do this if you address both particulate and gas/odor/voc contaminants. Lower power and energy bills - heating 0 degree outside air and cooling 98 degree outside air requires much more energy than heating re-circulated 68 degree air and cooling re-circulated 82 degree air. This is a significant savings to the customer.

o        Improve the efficiency of the HVAC system through the air cleaner's improved re-circulation of hot and cold air, increasing ventilation effectiveness and reducing energy consumption.

o        Extend the life of the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system.

o        Reduce the maintenance schedule of HVAC system.

o        Reduce the repair rate and repair costs of the HVAC system.

o        Extend the life of the HVAC system filters.

o        Reduce overall building cleaning and maintenance costs.

2.       Increase Revenue and Profits by providing a cleaner, more comfortable environment.

o        Customers will stay longer because the environment is more comfortable and enjoyable, increasing revenue from extended sales.

o        New customers will be attracted as a result of the improved environment.

o        Use the "Honeywell Clean Air Facility" program as a marketing tool for the business owner to create awareness with existing customers, and inform potential customers of their commitment to providing a more comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for their customers and employees.

o        Lower employee absenteeism by reducing the spread of germs, bacteria and other undesirable contaminants.

o        Increase employee productivity by providing a more comfortable work environment.

o        Improve relations between owners and employees who work many hours in their businesses. They will feel better because the environment is cleaner and more comfortable, and because you made an investment for them.

3.       Reduce Liability

o        Owners, employees and customers air quality concerns are addressed, potentionally reducing the threat of  law suits from second hand smoke and other unsavory contaminants that float in their breathing zones.

o        Possibly lower insurance costs due to a clean air policy.

o        Lower overall absenteeism costs of employees and owners due to an improved working environment.

o        Proper maintenance of air cleaning systems must be adhered to and recorded each time maintenance is performed.

4.       Remember!

o        Chooe the right solution and technology!

o        Provide the proper amount of re-circulated air through the air cleaners!

o        Provide proper maintenance of systems!

o        Document system sizing and maintenance schedules!

o        A commitment to clean air is an ongoing financial and professional commitment!


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