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What is it?


The Honeywell Clean Air Facility (HCAF) Program is a program that allows a commercial business which purchases, installs and maintains a proper number of Honeywell commercial air cleaning products, in accordance with Honeywell Commercial Air Products recommendations, to market and promote itself as a Honeywell Clean Air Facility. 


Honeywell Commercial Air Products intends for this program to be a marketing tool for itself and for the commercial customer who purchases Honeywell Commercial Air Products equipment.  Honeywell Commercial Air Products will use the program to sell its equipment and the commercial business can use the program to promote itself as a clean air facility. 


A partial list of commercial businesses that can benefit from the program include: bars and restaurants, bingo, bowling and billiard facilities, day care and retirement centers, kennels and veterinary offices to name a few. 


Honeywell Commercial Air Products and its distributor(s) can provide the equipment, the marketing tools and most importantly expertise.  Businesses who choose to provide clean air and a cleaner, healthier environment have an edge on the competition.  Clean air is good for owners, managers, employees and customers.  Its good for business period!


How does the program work?

After making the decision to invest in a Honeywell Clean Air Facility and upon installation of the proper quantity and type of air cleaners, Honeywell Commercial Air Products will provide the commercial business with marketing tools that may include any combination of the following:

  • Honeywell Clean Air Facility certificates suitable for framing and display in lobby/offices, etc.
  • Honeywell Clean Air Facility Explanation/Commitment Statement
  • Window stickers for door, window, or table top display
  • Market mailer/flyers for your current and future customers to let them know about your "clean air"

Stipulations/Requirements of the program are:

  • The customer must purchase, install, properly operate and maintain Honeywell Commercial Air Cleaners.
  • According to Honeywell Commercial Air Products recommendations, the quantity, type and size of air cleaner(s) installed myst provide the proper number of air changes per hour for the type and size of facility they are serving.
  • Particulate filtration shall be provided by electronic or media filters.
  • Gases, odors and VOC's shall be controlled and reduced by CPZ filters when required.
  • Proper prefilter maintenance must be performed according to recommended schedule.
  • Proper main filter cleaning or change-out when filters have reached their capacity.



Honeywell Commercial Air Product's recommendations for the quantity, type and size of its air cleaners are based, in part, on the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 62-2001 which defines "Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality."  In addition, Honeywell Commercial Air Products bases its recommendations on many years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and applying air-cleaning technology.  When applied properly Honeywell Commercial Air Products can provide an environment that is up to 90% cleaner than it may otherwise be without their use.  Honeywell Commercial Air Products are designed to reduce the concentrations of most indoor air pollutants and therefore provide cleaner, healthier air to breathe and live with.  The use of Honeywell Commercial Air Products is not a guarantee that all contaminants will be removed.  What you can expect, when applied properly, is a significant reduction of indoor airborne contaminants.


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