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Air-Pure Systems exclusively designs, manufactures, and markets Commercial Air Cleaners for Honeywell Commercial Air Products.  We have led the IAQ field since 1976 in the commercial Air Cleaners market and are continually adopting new technologies and products as markets and times change.  We offer many different air cleaning options to fit your individual needs such as Commercial Ceiling-Mount Electronic Air Cleaners, Commercial Ceiling-Mount Media Air Cleaners, Commercial Portable Media Air Cleaners, and Commercial Ductable and Stand Alone Air Cleaners. 

For over 30 years, Air-Pure Systems has designed and manufactured air cleaners that have been used in workplaces and homes worldwide to resolve indoor air quality problems.  We have sub-contracted our manufacturing expertise to Fortune 100 companies for over 30 years.   As a Customer Certified Supplier since 1991 and Supplier of the Year in 1993, we are proud of our reputation for high quality work and on time delivery at competitive costs.  As part of the building expansion in 1996, we have added warehousing and shipping to our in-house design and drafting, assembly process, production planning, and procurement capabilities.

  •  Air-Pure Systems has led the commercial IAQ market  since 1976. 
  • We have a growing line of products that offer superior design, optimal performance and simple installation and maintenance.
  • We continually enhance existing products.
  • With the advent of smoking legislation, we have increased our efforts to accommodate both smokers and non-smokers alike.
  • We have demonstrated our continuing success in smoking markets, such as bowling centers, bingo halls, restaurants and bars.
  • We have demonstrated our continuing success in non-smoking markets, such as print shops, day care centers and schools.

Air-Pure Systems, Inc. is a member of the National Air Filtration Association


Air-Pure Systems  --  Honeywell Commercial Air Products  
Phone: (800) 998-1919
16873 Fish Point Road SE Prior Lake, MN 55372-3324  
Fax: (800) 221-3248

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